Body Armour

Body armour in the UK is meant and designed as a defensive item. It can be worn by private citizens, security personnel, armed forces, and police. It can be worn overtly as a deterrent or covertly to protect the wearer against any unexpected circumstance.

Choosing The Right Armour Type

Regardless of who you are and why you need to wear body armour UK it is important that you choose the most appropriate type of body armour and the most appropriate items. Stab vests, ballistic or bullet resistant vests, the choice of men’s or women’s vests, and a selection of items that includes the vest itself, extra protective plates, helmets, and even face visors can all combine to offer protection against specific and serious threats.

Stab Vests

The stab vest is the most common type of body armour in the UK and is usually worn by police. It protects against stab and slash attacks and is used most often because attacks from a sharp object are much more commonplace in the UK than gunfire or explosive attacks. Without further modification, stab vests are not equipped to prevent damage from pistols, rifles, or explosions.

Bullet Resistant Vests

A bullet proof, or bullet resistant vest, offers protection against handgun fire and also against shotgun fire. Armed response units may wear bullet resistant vests but will often have extra layers or plates of protection that guard against rifle attack and attack from higher velocity handgun fire. Standard bullet resistant vests also protect against low velocity shrapnel caused by explosions from items like hand grenades.

Rifle Resistant Vests

Rifle bullet resistant vests are very specific types of vest that protect against high power rifle attack. They will usually consist of a soft vest which has pockets in which ceramic or metal plates can be inserted. It is these plates that offer the real protection against rifle fire and they may also protect against some physical damage because of the sheer stopping power that they provide.

Explosive Vests

Explosive vests are worn by bomb disposal experts and even counter terrorism units. They protect against bigger explosions caused by explosive devices. In the case of bomb disposal experts they will usually include several different pockets and will have increased protection around vital organs. They will also protect the extremities from explosive damage and will include a full head and face helmet with visor and spinal protection too.

Body Armour, UK

Choosing the right type of body armour is a critical step in getting the armour that will help protect your life. The first stage is to decide on the most likely type of attack and then to base your decision on this. If knife attacks are more likely then a stab vest is the right choice but if handgun fire is more likely then a bullet resistant vest is the better choice.